About Us

Bittu Bro is not just a name, it’s a brand.”

Your personality and attitude show that how you are & who you are.

My name is Bittu. Your lovely brother, so I created this name Bittu Bro means Bittu brother (aap ka bhai). I am not a highly educated

or high profile background. I just live like a simple life with high thinking mindset. “simple living, high thinking type”

I believe that with the help of positive attitude and growth mindset, we can change lifestyle and thought process.

I always try to keep myself up to date with time. If I don’t do so, I won’t be able to grow in my life and can’t succeed. If you are also on the same page it means you are also on the right track.

I believe sooner or later, we definitely achieve our goals. What we need to do is just keep going on. Make sure, that should be right track which leads to success.

I am not a professional teacher or trainer. I just publish what I know and what I learn. I also suggest everyone to do is just share what you know about best. Even a single line or word can drastically impact or change someone’s life.

It’s completely all my personal thoughts. if these thoughts match in anyone’s life, please don’t mind. We all are human being so most of the scenarios are same with one another.

Try to learn from everything and move on.

Let’s learn and lead together” 

Bittu Bro